Canvas Prints and Home Decor

I n the modern times, image both through its aesthetic impact and as a mean of communication has become imprescindible. Even more so, seeking the aid of professionals, though they are often limited to specific competences and products. Ideosfera was born with the intent of taking care of the workflow from bottom to top, starting from the idea, sketching it up and transforming it into actual design, which then will most likely need to be printed and shared on various mediums. Ideosfera also designs and creates home decor elements such as printed panels, separators, canvas prints with elegant frames, wall decorations, digital frescos and more.

Ideosfera’s mission is providing excellent quality products, customer advice and flexibility during the entire workflow. Print mediums are chosen among the best offered by the market and are printed with professional machines, creating high definition prints which are vibrant and durable. The customers are followed and aided in the making of their projects, suggesting when necessary the best solutions for any scenario. Experience and competence in many diferent fields are Ideosfera’s core values, by which we can provide a 360 degree service. In this website you will discover many of our products and services, complete with in-depth explanations. You will also find our original artistic prints catalogue, featuring our original creations and solutions for canvas prints, panels, posters and wall papers.